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Stop the building of a skate park on Bench road

As I am sure you are aware Derbyshire County Council have begun building a skate park, and it seems that most residence haven’t had the opportunity to express such concerns as those below:-


Firstly the youths in this area already have 2 parks, youth centre, skate park, tennis courts, and football area yet they still are more intent on causing trouble on Bench road in particular outside the shop, we have witnessed youths vandalising cars and drinking and now these youths will be right outside our house and our cars, in addition in will encourage youths from other areas of Buxton to the site increasing the risks.


Obviously the home owners amongst us have lost value on our homes and a stunning view, along with the addition of more disturbances than we have to deal with already, personally since the building started we have had to ring the police twice.  In addition there isn't any intention to add lighting to the skate park according to the council representative Christine Latham (a plus on one hand) which implies they are building a skate park to give the youths something to do and the time they start to become a nuisance is when it's dark!


The old skate park maybe un safe but it's position is perfect, there is less of a busy road to cross, it's secure and it's away from the residence, plus it's right next to the youth club so potentially for the safety of the children in an un lit skate park it could be policed better, they could have extended it flattened the land and built the park there.


Secondly the cost to replace the vandalism that will inevitably be caused, of course this makes the skate park more of an eye sore than it will be without vandalism.


The noise will be mean as residents each evening we will be subjected to listening to youth screaming and shouting.


There isn't any provisions to landscape the area to try and blend it into it's surroundings.


All of the residents around the site will loose their view and instead will be faced to view a concrete monstrosity every day, and of course face months of building dust and noise, along with the inconvenience of the roads being blocked due to deliveries.

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